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Remarkable TV Remote Website Redesign, your headquarters for the finest brand new remote controls at astonishingly discounted prices, has recently went through a remarkable redesign. The website, designed to sell replacement television remote controls, is now not only incredibly easy to navigate and find your remote of choice, but the common internet burden of ordering something online has…

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Robotic Security Lighting, the future of security!

Cloaked by the dark curtain of a new moon, he slowly adjusted his grip on the rust sprinkled crowbar and fixed his gaze on the quaint blue house nestled in a lovely suburban cul-de-sac. As he slowly anchored his legs, like a sprinter preparing for a championship race, he finally saw the signal he had…

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Packaging and Website for Mayeya Foods

  Southwest Ranches, FL, February 26, 2010 –(– Cimetta Design Inc. ( has recently completed Packaging and Website for Mayeya Foods, a newly formed company, Mayeya Foods Corporation Costco is beginning to stock their shelves with Mayeya Foods’ first line of delicious, Cuban Pastelitos’ packages. The various flavors of Cream Cheese, Meat, and Guava…

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