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Amazon is Changing the Game: The Next Evolution in Shopping

It had seemed that we were at the end of the age of the “retail store” – but instead we are on the brink of a retail revolution. What does this mean and where could it take us?

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How to Manage Email for Business

You’re managing your employees…you’re developing your product…you’re busy leading, guiding, and operating your business. You’re stuffed to the gills email inbox? Who’s got time for that? Elizabeth Grace Saunders, author of The 3 Secrets to Effective Time Investment: How to Achieve More Success With Less Stress, said it best: “Your career will be made on…

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Smart phones

NBC News covers an experience of Dr. Eric Topol, who happened to be on an airplane when a passenger was having a heart attack. Dr. Topol had an app on his iPhone that could perform a cardiogram. Smart Phones, bringing about more efficient (better) health care. Experiences such as Dr. Topol’s are leading those in the…

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Keeping Up With Technology

Technology changes so fast it can sometimes be hard to keep up. The newest thing now is “touchless” technology. You may be familiar with the Kinect which is a game console where you don’t need a controller, instead a sensor tracks your body movements and you become the controller. Well, a similar idea is being…

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