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Design is coming for you

It’s all around you, there’s no place to escape. It’s in the chair you’re sitting on and the pen you use. It’s in everything and design is coming for you! You can’t run and you can’t hide because I’m a designer.

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How to save money with your graphic designer

Ok, so you want a brochure, ad, package, website, billboard or TV commercial… Whatever and whenever you need something designed, you need a plan. First how to save money with your graphic designer. Organize yourself. Let’s say you want to do a design brochure for your company. Think of it as a puzzle. You have to determine…

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End of the World!

Originally I was going to post something about web design. It was going to be great. I’ll probably post something like that tomorrow. But look how great this End of the World poster looks. Now THERE is a design worth celebrating. Click to enlarge It’s got everything: Minimalist design, well-focused color palette, thematics, linear readability….

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A New Look For Myspace

You may remember Myspace when it was popular a few years back, but it has lost the social media battle to Facebook and Twitter. Now, Myspace is revamping their entire website since Specfiic Media bought the company a year ago. The new Myspace is looking to bring a new user experience and hopefully revitalize their…

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