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A vital part of dealing with your growing business is to be sure that it doesn’t fly out from under you.

When you’re putting “your all” into your business by providing  quality services and finally starting to feel like you’re getting all of  your ducks in a row, something unexpected happens. The thing that you never expect is when suddenly find that you have to hire more people, manage a different size budget, deal with too many people wanting to buy, and basically becoming over whelmed. This can really hurt you by overloading both you and your team.

As an entrepreneur and business owner, it’s important to just know that this is coming. It’s a good thing but saying NO can save your business. You need to control your growth. Never let your quality suffer. Remember the old saying, “Under Promise and Over Deliver”. Although customers don’t like to take no for an answer, it’s much better then laying a surprise on them. If you manage to get it done and done right they will be much more appreciative in the end and probably never forget it. You may even turn out to be their hero.

Don’t let a short-term possible gain, effect your long-term success.

What is some of your experience saying no?

Share with us below.

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