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I know your pain. Your business is your baby and you put your all into it but, You can’t do it all, pass the ball! Learn to Delegate.

Learn to assign tasks and hire people who can handle these tasks efficiently. No one can do five jobs effectively, so delegate the tasks to people who can do it better than you and can focus more of their time and energy to do so. Micromanaging cripples what would be a successful company. If you can’t trust your team to execute, there are bigger problems.

    1. Telling them what you want at the end is the most important.
    2. Telling them why you want it is very helpful for giving context.
    3. Telling them how they should do it is limiting their autonomy and their ownership.

If you need help developing a strategy, creating a brand, or starting your website, call us at 954-680-4584 and contact us today. If you don’t have the time, Delegate! Let us become a part of your team!

How Do You Handle Your Team?

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