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Pinterest is a new social media site that has been gaining a lot of recognition this year.


It is somewhat like a digital cork board where you can “pin” or post pictures that you like. These pictures, called pins, are grabbed from websites and once you click on the pin it will direct you to the website from which it came from. Pinteresting very interesting, you create different categories, called boards, that you place your pins on. Examples of the most common boards are: fitness, recipes, home decor, craft ideas, and quotes. Similarly to Twitter, you have followers as well as people you are following. The pins you post will be seen by your followers and if they like them, they can repin them to their board. It seems to be popular more with female individuals, but businesses are now getting on board.

Pinteresting very interesting since it is getting so popular, companies are trying to find ways to use it to gain more exposure. But can Pinterest really help out your business? Well, that all depends on the type of company you have and who you are planning to target. Take a look at the points outlined below to see what advantages and disadvantages Pinterest could pose.

Why it’s Good

1. It could increase sales
For example, if you own a restaurant, you could create one board titled appetizers, another titled entrees, one for desserts and so forth. If people see these pictures of your food and find them appealing, they may be compelled to go visit. And the more often they see these photos the more it will be on their mind. The same goes for a jeweler. When a new necklace or other item becomes available you could post a photo of it. This way everyone who already likes your products (your followers) will be able to see the newest additions right away with a hope they will purchase it.

2. Attract More customers to your business through pin sharing

If people repin your photos it will show up on their friends page. If their friends like it, they could start to follow you. These new followers could eventually turn into new customers. For example, if you are a photographer Pinterest could be used as a portfolio. If people like your shots they may call you up to book a photo shoot.

3. It could help keep your current customers and make them feel more connected

There are plenty of ways to get creative with Pinterest. One idea would be to take a picture everyday of what goes on behind the scenes of your business. Maybe create an infographic or a funny picture with a caption that sums up how that day went. The possibilities are endless. People will feel more connected to your business and could lead them to becoming more loyal to your brand.

Why it’s Bad

1. Controversial Terms and Conditions

Be sure to read the terms and conditions as there have been disputes about their rules. Whatever you post must be either owned by you or obtained with permission from the owner. It also states that the content posted must not be advertisement or solicitation of any sort. Pinterest is made for sharing ideas and inspiration with one another, not a way to advertise. The terms are much more detailed than outlined here, so be sure to read them thoroughly and understand the ramifications before signing up.

2. The Chance Your Ideas Are Stolen
Depending on your industry, it may be a bad idea to post certain content on the web for people to take. As a graphic design company you may not want to post a logo that you’ve done since someone could use it for themselves. To prevent this you could place a watermark or your company name across the image to prevent others from stealing it. The same goes for photographers. Uploading pictures you have taken could end up on someone else’s website and used as their own.

Whether or not you want to jump on the Pinterest bandwagon it’s up to you, just be sure to weigh your options. Pinterest is growing larger each day and social media in general is on the rise proving to be the extra step to lifting a business higher. So if you want to get in on the next big thing you better make your move now.

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