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There is a movement website called “Occupy Flash.”

Apparently, the Flash Player plugin is part of a corporate conspiracy against, uh, something.

And here I thought that companies and, well, people were using HTML websites because they weren’t (intrinsically) ugly and annoying; oh, and because they work on mobile devices.

Occupy Flash does provide a caveat to joining their movement and, accordingly, a caveat to disabling the Flash Player on your computer; and the caveat is that there are a number of websites that will either run shoddily or not work at all on your computer once you’ve disabled the Flash Player.

Please allow me to recast this sales pitch:

“Lower your own level of enjoyment on the internet because every corporation (ever) uses a Flash Player.”

Make sense? No? Good.

By the way, Cimetta Design builds websites. We used to use Flash, but then we stopped being evil. So, please, come get yourself a non-evil website made especially by Cimetta Design.

Just call Cindy at 954-680-4584.

Image Source: Give Me a Break.

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