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Remember the Johnny Carson show? Even the question itself will soon become extinct. Nevertheless, the last time a televised cigarette commercial ran was during the great Mr. Carson’s program. In 1971, President Richard Milhous Nixon signed a law into effect that banned the use of commercial advertising. The law came about out of fear that America’s youth would be seduced by the catchy jingles and slogans, creating even more tobacco users.

Over four decades later, cigarette revenue amounts to around 100 billion per year. Not too shabby.

The market’s dark horse, though, the e-cigarette, is hoping to profit from it’s competitor’s roadblock. The e-cigarette does not have any restraints upon it for advertising. Want to use a cartoon camel? Fine. Want to know what type of cigarette you doctor prefers? That exists, too. E-cigarettes have marketing on their side.


Video Source: Doctors recommend Camel.

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