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New Package Designs For Coke and Microsoft

People may claim that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but people certainly judge a product by its packaging. We may not always do it purposely, but the packaging of a product can sometimes make or break our decision to buy. Recently New Package Designs For Coke and Microsoft, two well-known companies, have…

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NightWatcher Security

  NightWatcher Security sells security lighting with motion-sensor capabilities. If motion is detected, the light turns on and moves towards the person or thing that is in motion. Other lights may turn on when someone walks near it, but NightWatcher lights actually follow the motion. They are definitely ahead of the game in lighting technology…

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5 Amazing Packages

If your packaging is intriguing enough, it could sway someone to buy your product. On the contrary, if your package design is dull and unattractive it can cause people to choose your competitor’s product instead. There are always new innovations in packaging and I came across these 5 Amazing Packages that I’d like to share with…

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FDA Takes Over Package Design

Designing your new package can be an exciting process, especially if you are a creative individual. The FDA Takes Over Package Design. There are endless possibilities when it comes to picking the colors, graphics and framework of the package. But sometimes this process isn’t totally up to you. That is what is happening now with…

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Business in a Box

Your packaging says a lot about your product and what your business has to offer.   Your package is literally a business in a box. It can either lure you into buying the product or go completely unnoticed. We worked with DS Supply to develop a package for their remy hair extensions. Remy just means…

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