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People may claim that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but people certainly judge a product by its packaging. We may not always do it purposely, but the packaging of a product can sometimes make or break our decision to buy. Recently New Package Designs For Coke and Microsoft, two well-known companies, have decided to change their packaging. Everyone may not agree with this decision, but let’s take a look at both companies and why they chose to change things up.

Microsoft –  Windows 8 Packaging

The new Windows 8 will be released in stores on October 26th, but they have given us a glimpse of the new package design. It is apparent that they have swayed from their traditional design and chose something more artsy. The change could be due to the post-PC era since they are hoping to lead the tablet market. It seems that this new packaging may target younger individuals with its bright colors and new designs. Some people see this as a negative change since Microsoft has always been seen as a professional company. The old classic packaging seems to fit better since it goes well with the product being offered inside. Others like the new design and feel that it shows their willingness to change when needed. It will be interesting to see if the new packaging will affect their sales or make little difference. If it is already causing controversy now, that probably is an indicator of trouble ahead.

Coca-Cola – Diet Coke Packaging

As of September 1st, Diet Coke will have a new look. Diet Coke cans will have a cropped logo that emphasizes the letters D and K. Coca-Cola has been upping their advertising ever since 2010 when they became the number 2 soda in the country. The new Coke design is an effort to connect more with the fashion community. This new cropped logo will only be placed on cans and all other Coke packaging will remain unchanged. Late last year Coca-Cola changed their can to white with polar bears in a campaign that was supposed to run for four months. There were many negative opinions about the new cans and some even thought it tasted different. Due to all the backlash Coca-Cola stopped producing the white cans early. It is very possible that these new Diet Coke cans will cause a similar reaction. People really don’t like change.

These two examples are great reminders that packaging really is important. It plays a huge role in the success of your product and entire business. If customers hate your packaging they are going to feel negative about your whole business. Packaging is a way to speak to your audience and give them a first impression of what your product will be like. Sometimes people aren’t sure which product to buy, so they pick the one with the best packaging. So what is it about a package design that makes it the best? Well, it is a collection of attributes such as the color, size, shape, material, wording, spacing, and how all of that works together. It must appropriately reflect your product and stand out from the crowd. We hope you enjoyed seeing these New Package Designs For Coke and Microsoft…

If you need help creating your package design or want to redesign your current packaging, Cimetta Design can assist you from start to finish. We understand how vital package design is to your business success and we want to give you the best results possible. Contact us today for a consultation.

For more information on Windows 8 and Diet Coke packaging check out the sites below.

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