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How to Write a Blog Post: What’s a Blog?

So you’re in the business of trying to get more business for your business. You’ve tried ads with limited returns. You’ve tried Pay-per-click and it feels like your funds are just being sucked dry. Your referral network is great, but it just hasn’t been cutting it. You’re nearly on the verge of hitting the pavement…

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Fishing for business

A bad day of fishing is better then a good day at work. The similarities in marketing will blow you away. No one knows how the first human caught a fish. He may have walked up to a small pool of water and quickly reach down to grab his dinner for the evening. When the…

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Get your email blaster locked and loaded for January 4th

Ok, the holidays are finally here. Next time you check your email try and stay somewhat conscious about how you handle things. At this time of year your rushed, your friends are rushed, your family is rushed. In fact if you’re going to send an email for Christmas it may as well just be blank…

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Know Your Business Competition Big and Small

If you’re a new business owner, one of the very best ways to get your feet on the ground as to the atmosphere and marketing environment in your industry is to Know Your Business Competition Big and Small.

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Always keep your eye on the Long Term Game

Avoid making snap, short-term choices that’ll hurt your name, your business, your product or that’ll turn off potential clients. A short-term decision that is made through greed can have drastic long-term negative effects – making your business goals for the future much more difficult to obtain. Always keep your eye on the Long Term Game.

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