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Landing Pages

Increasing ROI is a goal every business owner has, and in order to accomplish this shared goal, there are several strategies to use. The main one I want to focus on with this article is a change that can be made to your website. Most of the time companies direct their audience to their homepage….

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Marketing Funnel

Marketing has many levels and involves a variety of different tasks, and in order to create a successful process, you need an organized marketing funnel. As we all know, a funnel is wide at the top and gets narrower as it goes down, and so should your marketing plan. A marketing funnel is about taking…

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How to Market your Website

Click here to see full infographic. Marketing can consist of things like TV commercials, internet ads, or mail inserts. All of these can be effective, but they all rely on the company’s ability to grab the attention of their audience and lead them to take action. The problem with this technique is that many people…

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