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Ok, the holidays are finally here. Next time you check your email try and stay somewhat conscious about how you handle things. At this time of year your rushed, your friends are rushed, your family is rushed. In fact if you’re going to send an email for Christmas it may as well just be blank because chances are really good that no one will even open it. Sure they may see it but will they read it? Probably not. How many have you gotten and just sent right to the trash? Well honestly maybe not your immediate family or best friends but casual acquaintances euck! Who’s got time for it.

“This time of year our Well Wishes will probably be wished right into the Trash”

This time of year is not only the best time but the most common time when people go into their email to clean house. You know those emails that you keep getting and never, almost ever, actually read. The ones that you have a slight interest in but not enough to actually take the time to open. It’s that delete, delete, delete time of year. In fact it has been said that December 25th and January 1st are the two most common days emails are just thrown in the trash. Numbers as high as 60-70% on average.

Because this time of year our “Well Wishes” will probably be wished right into the trash, I have a better idea. Remember the General who called out, ” Don’t fire until you see the whites of their eyes”. Hold your shot men, don’t waste your bullets. Sure send a few shouts out to family and really close friends but hold your fire for the rest because the absolute best time to send an email during the entire year is January 4th, the forth day of the year according to This is the big day when almost everyone returns to work and when they arrive the first thing they are going to do is check their email.
“Get your email blaster locked and loaded for January 4th.”
Hello world, it’s time to go back to work!!
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