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Elections should be conducted entirely through internet services, according to Marc Andreesson, an entrepreneur and market soothsayer. In fact, all Elections Online by 2024

Syndicated columnist Paul Sloan predicts the same transition of political efforts, yet he also predicts that services relative to social media shall wain in support.

Twitter emerged as the most popular medium for election discourse. In 2024, there very well may be a new service that users find best suited for conversation or pithy sound bites. This may happen at any time.

But the forecast that social media enthusiasm shall taper off within the foreseeable future is undercut by the very argument of a uniform online electoral audience.

Television shows march toward online exclusivity; movies, too. Same for video games. This may result in the streamlining of audience commentary to these shows à la YouTube.

We can guess as to the capabilities of online platforms, but one thing is for certain: social media, no matter the type of service, is here to stay.

Image Source: Election 2012 Online.


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