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The Boston Celtics Logo

The Boston Celtics Logo – If someone came to me and said, “Well, I need you to design a logo of an Irish guy for a basketball team called The Celtics,” then I’d probably over-think the whole image. Shoes with buckles? C’mon. A pipe? What about how kids perceive the logo? Luckily Red Auerbach, the…

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Bad Package Design

Kid Tested, Mother Denied: Kix’s Bad package design. Nothing says “mmm” like corn-flavored cereal.  Just put a cob in milk, please. Pretty please? When deciding what design should be your product’s face, make sure that you’re not wholly off the mark. Kix is trying to hawk cereal, and they try really hard to appeal to…

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Chevy robot puppy defies the “So ugly, it’s cute” rule of dogs…

…sure, I’m biased, but look at The Chevy Robot puppy. Even in the wince-worthy world of Isaac Asimov’s I, Robot, this mechanized Scrappy-Doo wouldn’t be anybody’s best friend.

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Brand Value

This is back from 2009, but it’s worth noting that some brands are irreplaceable. Since Michael Jordan is turning 50 come this February 17th, I thought I’d commemorate His Airness by commenting on Jordan’s revolutionizing of athlete branding. Brand Value? It was in 2009 that the Air Jordan brand surpassed the $1 billion mark, making…

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