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I know this is a news section which mainly talks about the graphic work that we do, so being as responsible as I am, please take a look at this package re-design we just did for M.Hibbard Super Premium Ice cream. Ok, now that you’ve seen it, and all of that is out of the way, I have to tell you how unimaginably good this product tastes…

You’ve simply just gotta try it to believe it. This is no ordinary ice cream, . Sure, it’s all natural. Sure, it’s made with the freshest ingredients. Sure, it has fresh branding and a great looking container — but enough of the bla bla bla marketing stuff. I swear that this is the best tasting ice cream you’ll ever have!

You just have to taste this… it’s thicker, creamier, denser, richer and simply more satisfying then anything I’ve ever tasted. It’s made by hand with a process close to that of making custard. Michael the owner, got this recipe from his Grandfather who used to make his own Ice Cream in his Parlor in New York.

Micheal’s passion for all things Art runs deep. Starting as a successful Sculptor, he has a spirit for creating items to wow the senses. Whether it be the sense of taste, touch, or sight, are bar none. Micheal is genuinely dedicated to spreading his artistic fervor to as many people as possible. With both this conviction in mind and his Grandfather’s recipe and dedication in toe, he’s now on his way to becoming a roaring success.

So far, everyone who has tried it wants it. He’s currently re-visiting Whole Foods, Who loved it but felt his original packaging needed improvement — and that’s where we came in. But don’t despair, you can still get his Ice Cream before it hits Whole Foods’ store shelves. He has a little store front in Weston where he currently makes his product. You can go and have a bowl there or buy a pint and take it home with you. Currently he has Chocolate, Pure Vanilla, Black Raspberry and Cappuccino Chip. Their store is M. Hibbard Ice Cream, 2334 Weston Road,Weston, Florida 33326, They are in the shopping center just north of Flanagan’s. You just have to taste this…it’s really, really good!

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Ken Cimetta has over forty years of experience under his belt. Working on National and Multi-national fortune 500 companies and smaller start up companies. Both art directing and executing campaigns as well a pioneering commercial aspects of the the internet. Ken Cimetta the son of European Immigrants was born In...

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