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Perspective is Everything

Perspective is more important than people think. This video from Ted Talks with Rory Sutherland explains how you can say the same thing in a different way and change the way people react to it. He opens up the conversation by discussing the ban of cigarette smoking at parties. Sometimes you may want to just…

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Laws That Choke Creativity

This video from Ted Talks discusses the restrictions put on content and how it limits creativity.     Larry Lessig starts off by telling three stories that centralize around a similar argument Laws That Choke Creativity. One of the examples is about the invention of airplanes and how it posed the threat of “trespassers” on people’s…

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Get Noticed through Video

This video from Ted Talks examines why some videos tend to go viral while thousands of others do not.     Anyone with a camera and internet access can upload a video to YouTube and potentially get famous. Of course your fame may be short-lived, but anything is possible. In this video, Kevin Allocca shares…

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How Great Leaders Inspire Action

This Ted Talks video is about How Great Leaders Inspire Action and how leaders and influential people differ from everyone else.     Simon Sinek, the speaker, explains this concept of “the golden circle”. It describes how people communicate and applies this process to the business world. We all know what we do, some know…

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Color Controls You

This Ted Talks video with Golan Levin discusses a bizarre condition called synesthesia where the senses blend together and people can hear color or taste shape. Color Controls You. Although this is a rare case, Golan Levin explains how everyone associates specific letters with certain shapes.  For example, the letters l, m and b are…

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