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There are many ways to grow your business, but one way you may not be taking advantage is to Build Relationships Through Networking. Yes, I said public speaking, that scary thing we try to avoid at all costs. Getting more involved in business events and networking groups may be that extra step you need to reach your goals. So where do you start? And once you’re there, what do you say without sounding like a commercial? Well, let’s start from the beginning and go through some of the ways you can get involved.

1. Networking Groups
Join a group to connect with other business owners and professionals. These groups are a great way to gain business and meet new people. One example is BNI which is the largest business networking and referral marketing organization in the world. Once you find a local BNI group close-by, you attend meetings each week and provide leads to each other. It is a really great way to grow your business. One of our graphic designers, Xavier, is active in a local South Florida BNI group. He has found that is has been very effective in gaining new clients and to Build Relationships Through Networking.

2. Events
Look for local events in your area by browsing your local community websites. You can check websites for your city, county, state, or local newspaper for event listings.

3. Seminars
If there are seminars in your area related to your business, by all means enroll in one. They are a great way to learn new information and make new connections. You may even learn about upcoming events where you could speak or participate in. You can find seminars by subject or location by using or

4. Community Service
Participating in community service is not only great PR, but it helps you give back to the community. It can help you meet new people and change lives in the process. It can also help build word-of-mouth referrals. Find something you are passionate about and find out how you can get involved.

5. Social Media
You don’t need public speaking skills to converse online so take advantage of this option as best you can. LinkedIn has plenty of discussion boards and groups you can join to talk to other business professionals. Discuss ideas, share your insights and answer questions. Quora is also another website you can join that is full of questions people are asking. Reach out to people and answer questions in your field. Connecting with people on these boards will showcase your expert opinion and could get you a few leads.

I found this website called SpeakerMatch that matches up speakers with related events. If you want to be listed as a speaker on this site you can contact them on their website. I have never used this site, so I am not quite sure how it works, but it may be worth a visit. You can also find more information on networking groups here.

After you have made the decision to get involved, make sure you prepare beforehand and connect with as many people as you can. Stay tuned for our next article that will discuss effective ways to speak about your business.

If you need any help marketing your business contact us at We are here to make your business look good.

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