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Staying focused at work can be difficult and sometimes we need a little something to get us motivated.


The key thing is to set goals and constantly remind ourselves of the goals we wish to achieve. But how does that happen exactly? Here are some great tips on organizing your daily tasks.

1. Notice what takes up most of your time and make a list of what you need to stop doing. For example, maybe you check your personal social media page five times throughout the workday, yet you only check your business page once. Notice the little things that add up throughout the day that you could try cutting down on or cut out completely.

2. Divide your time up carefully. Decide what areas your business needs to work on and start fixing them. If you are spending half the day checking e-mails, it may be time to allocate some of that time for more important things. Try to understand why it would take you so long to go through your e-mails and come up with a more efficient process.

3. Thank your customers. Your customers don’t need to be your best friend, but it is a plus to build a connection with them. Pick a few customers and reach out to them whether it be an e-mail, letter, or phone call. Taking the time to personally thank them for their business reflects that you care and will encourage them to stay loyal to your company. Just be careful not to go overboard.

4. Upload a company video once or twice a week. It only needs to be a few minutes or so just to talk with your community. You could film upcoming projects, new products, behind the scenes, or interesting information people don’t know about your company. You can upload the videos on your blog, social media pages, or a specific page on your website.

5. Reply to at least ten people a day. This can be an e-mail, letter, comment, tweet, anything like that. It should go without saying that important e-mails should be responded to immediately, but outside of that take time to talk with people that are trying to connect with your business. It can be overwhelming to respond to everyone on Twitter and Facebook, but if you reply to a handful each day, it will definitely help out your business

Now that you have made some goals for your business day, here are some tools you can use to keep track of them.
Here are a few websites that can help you make a digital list.

  • This website uses digital sticky notes
  • This allows you to lists tasks not only for yourself, but for others.
  • This allows you to share ideas and will sync to your phone, tablet or computer.
  • This helps you break down tasks into simpler steps.

All of these websites do similar things, so take a look at each one to see which one fits you best. If you want to read the original article, you can find it at


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Xavier Cimetta is part owner and the head Designer/Front-end developer at Cimetta Design, Inc. As an entrepreneur and work-a-holic, his mission is to help fellow entrepreneurs & businesses design beautiful brands, websites, packaging and experiences to reach their goals.

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