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Plato once suggested in his era that artists ought to be rigorously controlled.

I say NO! We live in a free society; and if artists are free, they can be prophets in that society. And those that don’t will only revolt. Artists are always on a quest for meaning

They tell us that we may not have the imagination to see and think. They tell us secrets of our own hearts which most are not willing to confess. They keep us open to the spirit of newness and innovation in the quest for meaning in human history and life. Without, them life would be merely the dull routine of what is apparent but not real, what is accustomed but not novel, that is required but not daring. Art can be used to inspire, entertain educate and sell.
Lets begin with art, how do we define art? It is difficult because art is subjective and controversial, thus whether art can be defined has been often debated. Presently, there are two distinct modern, and conventional meanings behind art. Which primarily focuses on art’s institutional features, and emphasizes on the way art changes over time, modern works that appear to break with all traditional art, and the properties that relate of artworks that depends on relations to art history, art genres and others. The less conventional definition uses a broader, more traditional concept of aesthetics. It includes more than art-relational ones, and focuses on art’s cultural and historical characteristics.

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