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Pets are great ! Americans own over 72 million dogs. Each of those 72 million dogs need to do their duty at least once a day. 

This chore can easily lead to a Big Pile of problems if some action isn’t taken.  It’s a tough job but someone had to do it. The folks at Crown Products have taken up the duty, to offer a clean and easy way to take care of this duty. They’ve been making and distributing dog poo removal bags and dispensers for Towns and Municipalities for the last few years now.

In fact, if you take your pet for a romp around the park and find a disposal site, Crown Products will probably have been the manufacturer.

Realizing that everyone kept making a big to do about the doodoo, They developed the PoopyDoo Home Dispenser for home use.

The dispenser attaches easily to any wall for simple access to the fresh, lemon scented hand bags inside.

Taking Fido for a walk has never been easier – and yard friendlier. No more embarrassing accidents tracked into your home.

Crown Products enlisted to handle their brand, product design and packaging design. Look for the PoopyDoo dispenser and refills in pet stores near you coming this fall.

You’ve probably seen it in parks, now it’s available for your home, check it out on

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