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A very saturated area of law is personal injury – and out client wanted to stand out. He had the concept of developing a character to represent his brand and stand out from his competition. It needed to be a flexible brand element to work on a wide range of mediums.


We developed him the Sparks Lady of Justice. A fun and memorable character that helps our client and his law firm become the first thing they think of if they need a lawyer. Playing off a familiar and very popular super hero style, the Sparks Lady of Justice will come to your rescue!


The final Lady of Justice character works perfectly with the client’s brand and was created vector – enabling our client to utilize the character on everything from his website and business card to a billboard and a car wrap with out losing image quality and staying crisp.

Need a legal hero? The Sparks Lady of Justice is here to the rescue! She helps dole out justice and keep our client’s branding memorable and top of mind for anyone needing his services. With the mixture of being eye-catching as well as carrying a strong familiarity with the popularity of super hero based media, mascots like her are perfect to help your business stand out.

The Design Process

Once we have gathered the necessary information and a solid direction from a client, we start on the design process. The design process normally involves a number of variations that take different directions to provide the client with a variety of styles and creative angles.

Below you can see some examples of the types of variations that were presented to the client during the design and creation process.

As you can see, the comments from the client meant different things to different artists and lead to some interesting results in terms of style, color and more.