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Testimonial for the Graphic Design Studio

"The presentation you did for us went Great!!! It was fantastic! Was just about to email you and tell you. It came out just great and I really think that our confidence in the design of the presentation really helped our delivery. Thank you! Thanks for coming through for us!"

Doug Klarberg ESQ.
In Record Time

"Tree of Thanks so much. I am impressed with your professionalism, promptness, and kindness. Cimetta Design is a rare find in the world of business today! I plan to open an online store, and I will certainly contact you when I am ready to move forward! Sincerely, Jessica"

Jessica Cobb
Tree Of India

"Ken, Cindy and Renato were a fabulous team to work with to develop our marketing products. We are elated with the quality of the designs, website and service! Highly recommend Cimetta Design!"

Dr. Ellen
JAS Powder Coating LLC

"I found Cimetta Designs' website online and thought it was amazing. So I ordered some full color Marketing Postcards from Cindy, and was absolutely blown away by the outcome. The Postcards are unbelievable in the level of artistic quality, and the layout is extremely effective yet simple. I am planning on getting my Business Cards redone by Cimetta Design, a Marketing Brochure done by Cimetta Design, and any other print project that comes up done by Cimetta Design. I highly recommend Cimetta Design to anyone who cares about how their business is represented."

Terry Abrams, MPT, CSCS
CardioFlex Therapy

"I came to Cindy to obtain a flash presentation for my website. I am a beginner and needed something special to add to my site to make it more appealing. I was introduced to her fantastic team! Andrea spent the most time with me but I understand it was a team effort! The finished product is absolutely amazing. Professional work with a personal touch at Cimetta Design. Thanks to Cindy, Andrea and the rest of the team."

Caryn Nolen

"The mall has liked the way our stand looked so much, they are going to put us on the leasing brochure for all of their malls around the country. Thank you."

Addiction Piercings

"I thank you for doing a great job! You have been wonderful to work with."

Causa Design Group

"You guys ROCK! Exactly what I was looking for. Delivered on budget and on time. Love it. And so do my clients."

Eric Cortese

"I brought my product with my new product design from Cimetta to the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. While everyone loved the product, the number one question I was asked was where I had my package designed. Thanks for getting me noticed."


"I would like to thank you for all that you've done for me. Your work is phenomenal! I have been very pleased with the quality and the timeliness of your work."

Michelle Couture-Souvenir
Hear 4 Kidz

"Thanks again for the efficient work and responses - a real joy to work with."


"I saw the new logo for Davie. Three cheers! It is classy yet still portrays the root of your town."

Gay Chaples
Town of Southwest Ranches

"Just to let you know, we are receiving unsolicited compliments on our logo. I have operated numerous businesses over the last 25 years and have not once received an unsolicited compliment on any of the logos we have ever used. GOOD JOB!!!

Thanks for everything."

Rob Mainguy

"Thanks so much for your timely responses. They are greatly appreciated. You really are doing a great job for us. Keep up the great work."


"To the world of entrepreneurs, DON'T miss out using a great and creative team of people. I have been in the biz for 23 years. Design is my world and they realize what it takes to understand my client's needs. They are patient and both a pleasure to work with. I specialized in design at FIT and understand the subliminal tactics it takes to get to your client's interests. But most important is creating a need for your client to be successful with what they are trying to capture with their client. Anyway, a BIG thank you to the planet of the Cimettas. Any questions, call me at 561-441-6008.

P.S. They have captured my business and made it very well known."

Elliott and Nora Landman
Kitchen Designs and More

"I love your creativity and the fact that you understand a deadline. Usually the two traits are not found in one person. I have been looking for a graphic designer since I started this business and I finally found one."


"I have been in the brand marketing and concept design business for many years, and have developed value-added programs for several multi-national corporations both here in the U.S. and in Canada. It's not just the quality, reliability, attitude and fair pricing that keeps me coming back. It's their "INTEGRITY". Our sincere thanks and appreciation to TEAM CIMETTA."

Access Group of Companies

"I am very impressed with the overall look and feel of the website. CONGRATULATIONS!!!"


"Thanks! Your work is great!!"

Christopher J. Kovanes
Program Administrator
Town Of Davie

"I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know that I got lots of compliments about my business card at a conference that I was at in Orlando this week - I really like it too!! Thanks a lot."


"All that I can say is UNBELIEVABLE! I don't know how you guys do it! It's PERFECT!"

Thank you!

Joe McDonnell
For Life Products

"Thank you for the GREAT work you have done."

Buddy Berger
Berger Financial Services

"I can't say enough about Ken and Cindy. Seriously, I hate being serious. Use Cimetta Design and you will make an enormous return on your investment. I expect to make millions thanks to Ken and Cindy. I can't say enough about how great their work is."


"Your 4-color 1/4 page ad came in perfectly! I only wish EVERYONE would send in their ads the way you do - right size, right colors - and in PDF format. You'd be surprised at the formats I receive some ads in. Oh well, today everyone has a computer and everyone's an artist. Thanks for making my job easier!"

Weston Express

"I knew that I picked the right person!!!! I absolutely love all of the work your doing for my business."


"Those posters you designed were outstanding!!!! Keep up the good work."


"We are very excited with the newest "Wizard" logo for Chemstar. Your choice of colors was perfect. Thank you for everything."


"That's what I'm talking about! Finally a Design Team that can really put my ideas on paper for me. Outstanding job to all that worked on this project."


"Seldom does it happen, that in the course of seeking a source for assisting in the promotion or the spreading of the word about our company and products; have we found a better partner. Yes, we consider you Ken, our partner. Your interest and excitement in what we were doing set us on fire too! The excellence and creativity in your renderings was inspiring and left us very little to do, except distribute."


"I want to thank you for the excellent work you did on all three logos that I asked you for. After a brief discussion you provided me with a nicely diverse set of logos, colors and designs to choose from and worked with me on the details until we got them to exactly what I wanted. I'm excited about the professional image our logos will project for our company, clinic, radio show and supplement line. It was great to be able to do most of our contact by phone and email, as I work so far away from you. The electronic age has made the world a smaller place. Thanks again for your ideas, your artwork, your patience and your service. I look for ward to working with you in the future."

Jay D. Foster,
President Body Chemistry Associates, Inc.

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