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When Correctly choosing a Designer Programmer or Agency in all cases, the longer someone has been in a field, the more examples of work and experience they will have. If you’re dealing with someone who has a lot of experience you may be more interested in work they’ve done recently.

Styles techniques and trends change drastically over time. What may have looked great in the 90’s may look primitive today. When you’re looking at a designer’s portfolio you’ll want to be aware of the type of jobs they may have. Is it a lot of small business and start up work or are their some large accounts presented in their portfolio? If you’re looking at a Programmer chances are good that a lot of his work will look dated from just a few years ago. The Programming field grows quickly so things that were in fashion go out of fashion very quickly. An Agency should be offering to show you a rather large body of work and have wide selection of campaigns to show you.

Don’t be afraid to ask for testimonials. Working with these three groups of professionals will almost always be a rater large investment for you. You will certainly want to make sure you make the right choice before committing to anything.

Deadlines always play a large role with all three of these business types. Make sure they can make your deadline before you get started. Always build in some extra time for yourself no matter how critical it is. No one will get mad at you if you tell them you were able to buy an extra day or two.

Will they be able to work within your budget. Changes happen so keep in mind that you may be the one who is responsible for the changes. If they make a mistake they should absorb the additions just as you should if you make an error.

Make sure you come to an understanding of what you’re buying. Typically an artist will own the rights to his work for presentation purposes to show in their portfolio  unless you have them sign those rights away. It’s always good to have an understanding in advance. Also make sure they doesn’t have any other rights for the work once they’re paid. Same goes with programmers and agencies.You don’t want to see something you paid a lot of money for show up somewhere else commercially.

Try to have a one on one meeting with your chosen professional.  Correctly choosing a designer programmer or Agency can certainly make or break you. Take your time to make the right decision, although time probably isn’t on your side. Listen to your gut instinct. Some things just can’t be put into words. Your goals are to have a successful project completed on time and on budget with no surprises.  You should have no hesitations about the individuals before starting work with them.

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Ken Cimetta has over forty years of experience under his belt. Working on National and Multi-national fortune 500 companies and smaller start up companies. Both art directing and executing campaigns as well a pioneering commercial aspects of the the internet. Ken Cimetta the son of European Immigrants was born In...

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